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Case Study #1

B2B Lead Gen

Prospection Campaign on LinkedIn

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Our Client

  • Type : SME

  • Category : Professional Services & Consulting

  • Budget : 6000 € (6 months campaign)

  • Location : Switzerland

The client is a major player in the French-speaking part of Switzerland in the field of leadership and management for companies with more than 100 employees.
As the client is present in only 1 region, the possibilities of acquiring new clients are limited. 


Before starting the prospecting on Linkedin, the client relied on recommendations and SEO to generate new leads.

Challenge :  Niche market, targeted sectors often solicited on Linkedin.


Step 1 - Optimisation of the LinkedIn Profile

→ In order to boost the company's visibility on Linkedin, we first did a complete redesign of the company CEO's Linkedin profile (the prospecting campaign runs from his profile). The objective of this redesign was to highlight the services offered by the client and the benefits for the prospects.

Step 2 - Audience Generation

→ After gathering as much information as possible about our client's typical customers, we listed potential prospects via the tools made available by Linkedin (Sales Navigator), we segmented the searches by sectors, positions, workforce, etc.

Step 3 - Connection Requests & Sending Personalized Messages

→ We invite prospects to join our client's network; Invitations are accompanied by a short, persuasive message to pique prospects' interest

Step 4 - Follow-up of discussions, reminders and booking of appointments

→ We manage exchanges with interested prospects and book appointments directly in the client's online calendar; We follow up with prospects who did not respond to the 1st message.


  • 1848 prospects invited to the client's network over a 6-month period

  • 474 prospects accepted the invitation

  • 322 prospects responded to messages

  • 62 appointments booked

  • Client signed 8 prospects

  • ROI x6

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