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Case Study #3

Creation of an online store for a business, creation and management of advertising campaigns via Facebook Ads and Google Ads, optimization of the conversation rate.

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Our Client

  • Type : Traditiona Retailer / Jeweller

  • Category : Handcrafted Items

  • Budget: 61 000 Euros/ Year

  • Location : France, Belgium, Switzerland


The client has a physical store in France and wishes to develop its activity through online commerce. The market is competitive because of the numerous existing online stores in this field, including competitors who are specialized in online sales and have been present on the market for several years. 



The client does not have a marketing team or experience in digital, so we had to accompany him from the beginning to the end in the digitalization of his business and his products, by proposing a strategy adapted to the competitive market in which he evolves.

Challenge : Create a profitable e-Commerce store from scratch, with a minimum return on investment of x3.

Our Solutions

Solution #1 : Creation of a Shopify Store

→ Creation of an online store on the Shopify platform allowing the client to be independent and autonomous on the management of its e-Commerce store and operations

Solution #2 : Creation of a product catalogue

→ Market research and selection of the most demanded and popular products in the market to list the client's products with the ability to generate sales volume

Solution #3 : Local SEO Optimization

→ Researching relevant keywords, optimizing the site's internal links and meta tags, and creating blog posts to generate free qualified traffic on queries related to the client's niche and products.

Solution #4 : Creation of video ads & visuals

→ Creation of promotional videos to highlight the client's most popular products on social media platforms.

Solution #5 : Google Ads Campaign Creation & Management

→ Keyword research, campaign structuring, impactful ad writing and bid optimization to generate qualified traffic and sales.

Solution #6 : Facebook Ads Campaign Creation & Management

→ Research relevant audiences and create advertising campaigns to promote the site's most popular product categories, as well as run one-off promotions for events such as Mother's Day, winter and summer sales, Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Valentine's Day, etc.

Solution #7 : Email marketing

→ Created an editorial calendar to promote the site's products and content in an educational and commercial manner.

Solution #8 : Conversion Rate Optimisation

→ Implemented marketing strategies and applications on the site to generate more sales and increase the average customer basket.

Solution #9 : PR & Influencer Marketing

→ Searching for and obtaining quality external links (backlinks) to boost the natural referencing of the site, from specialized sites such as Le Figaro Madame, Yoga Journal and Marie France.


  • Monthly revenue growth of +57% on average

  • Growth in the number of subscribers on social networks (2-year period): +17,900 

  • Mailing list growth (2 year period): +39,900

  • Return on Advertising Investment: 643

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