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Case Study #4

Conversion rate optimization for an online store,

and optimization of advertising campaigns on Google Ads

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Our Client

  • Type : e-Commerce Website

  • Catégorie : Health & Beauty

  • Budget : 250 000 euros / Year

  • Location : France, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, US, UK, AU, NZ.

The client operates in a competitive market selling short-lived products. In order to be profitable, the client must constantly find new products to promote and renew the advertising creatives on a regular basis to avoid creative fatigue and a decrease in advertising performance. 



As the client is present in 4 different markets, the need for creative, translations and campaign follow-up is high. 



The advertising accounts were previously managed by a large agency as well as by the company's marketing team. The average ROAS (Return on Advertising Investment) was 157% (1 Euro spent for 1.57 Euros of sales generated).

Challenge : Tough competition, low margins and high customer acquisition costs. Increase client profitability and achieve a x2 return on advertising investment.

Our Solutions

Solution #1 : Conversion Rate Optimization

→ In order to boost the company's profitability, we first did an in-depth analysis of the site to identify the weaknesses of the site and the offer. We then improved the site from a technical and design point of view in order to improve the user experience, and reworked the sales texts in order to obtain a more convincing sales pitch.

Solution #2 : Average Order Value Optimization

→ Also with the aim of improving the company's profitability, we implemented marketing strategies and tools to increase the average basket and encourage existing customers to recommend our company through an affiliate system.

Solution #3 : Restructuration of ad campaigns

→ The old advertising campaigns targeted all countries in a single campaign. Segmenting campaigns by geography gave us better control over advertising costs and performance.

Solution #4 : Optimization of Google Ads campaigns

→ Eliminating irrelevant and unprofitable keywords, improving ads to improve click-through rates, optimizing keyword bids, adding negative keywords to block irrelevant traffic, adjusting bids for devices, adjusting bids based on time slot (certain days and times of the week performing better).

Solution #5 : Creation of advertising videos for social networks

→ The client was using a so-called "corporate" video ad, reflecting an overly commercial and unauthentic image on social media. So we partnered with an influencer in the beauty niche to generate more authentic and compelling content for the ads.


  • Increase in the site's conversion rate of +1.33%.

  • Average shopping cart increase of +17%.

  • 48% increase in annual sales

  • +32% increase in ROAS (return on advertising investment)

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