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Case Study #5

Amazon Ads Campaign Management

& Product Listing Optimization

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Our Client

  • Type : e-commerce

  • Catégorie : Sport

  • Budget : 15 000 euros / year

  • Locations : France, Europe, US

The client operates in a niche market in the field of sports, and sells high-end products. Getting regular sales and being profitable on the marketplace, the client had never optimized its product listings or advertising campaigns, losing market share to new competitors.

Challenge : Regain lost market share while maintaining a minimum ROAS of x8.

Our Solutions

Solution #1 : Optimization of product pages

→ Since the client had a limited budget, we optimized the descriptions, titles and keywords of the 15 most popular products in their product catalog, allowing them increased visibility on their best sellers.

Solution #2 : Optimization of the Amazon Store

→ Restructuring of the Amazon store and creation of special sections such as "Best Sellers", "Selection of the Month", and other pages dedicated to specific promotions (e.g. Father's Day, etc.)

Solution #3 : Restructuring of Amazon Ads campaigns

→ With ad campaigns targeting all countries, we segmented campaigns to target by geography, giving us better control over spend and performance.

Solution #4 : Creation of Manual Product Ads

→ Since the current campaigns were all automatic campaigns (managed by Amazon), we created manual campaigns giving us more control over keywords, bids and product placements.

Solution #5 : Creation of ASIN advertising campaigns

→ This type of campaign allows us to target our client's direct and indirect competitors, in order to promote our clients products on that of its competitors to increase the visibility and market share of our client.

Solution #6 : Creation of Amazon Enhanced Brand Content

→ A+ content allows Amazon sellers to optimize their product listings with visuals, videos and detailed descriptions. So we optimized our client's 5 most popular products to get more sales.


  • Increased natural traffic on product pages by +61%.

  • Increase in sales of +53%.

  • ROAS increase of +217%.

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